Dubai VPS

uae vpsDubai is quickly gaining a reputation as the land where everything is possible. The introduction of Dubai VPS hosting to the package has added to this locale's appeal.

Dubai has always been a kingdom that champions the entrepreneurial spirit, and now businessmen and companies can enjoy the very best VPS hosting Dubai. This technological boom has helped carve an Arabian silicon valley which the residents and businessmen can enjoy. They can choose between an unmanaged and a managed plan.

For a country that is known for its psychotic attention to detail, Dubai does not disappoint with the infrastructure that has been placed for UAE VPS hosting. The infrastructure is robust and efficient, with state of the art systems that ensure that the client is happy. For managed servers, the client will get the very best virtual servers that ensure no data loss. These servers are also very proactive, so that they can help detect hardware failure or corruption.

The unmanaged plan is ideal for people who want autonomous control over their bandwidth, software installation and storage space. These servers are very easy to customize, and the user is free to install any applications and software to serve their needs.

Furthermore, the unmanaged option is more affordable than managed. It provides great network connectivity as well as a dedicated server environment at a fraction of the cost of a dedicated server.


UAE VPS hosting

dubai vps hostingOne of the best features of the UAE VPS hosting is the high level of security that is offered here. Dubai is known for its technological and entrepreneurial giants. Their websites have to be as secure as possible. The Dubai VPS hosting company has taken up this challenge and provided the highest level of security available. The client is fully in charge of everything, and they manage the server applications and software so that no one else can access their information.

Dubai VPS is the ideal solution for SMEs in Dubai and the UAE. It is especially beneficial for companies that need a higher amount of bandwidth. Its increased website performance and the low downtime ensure that the business is always accessible over the internet. These UAE VPS servers also provide scheduled backup services that allow clients to always recover their data in case of accidental data loss.

The main difference between managed and unmanaged VPS hosting Dubai is the level of technical support and the price. The technical support that is provided in an unmanaged Dubai VPS plan is more, and this is what drives the prices higher. Those who prefer the managed UAE VPS plan will still get customer support to a certain extent.

Some of the features that are prevalent in a UAE VPS plan include support for international domain names, subdomains, site statistics, search engine submissions and password protection directories. These servers also support PHP 5, JavaScript, ASP.NET and CGI-BIN.

For a country such as Dubai that is known for its extravagance and bulging pockets, one may wonder whether it is possible to get affordable Dubai VPS hosting. The good news is that there are actually a lot of plans that are very friendly on the wallet. Business owners who are just starting up in Dubai, and who are yet to earn the bulging wallets that will allow them to binge on everything extravagant, can get a break with these affordable plans. They can try their online ventures without worrying that their server or their pockets will fail them. With the help of these servers, online businesses in Dubai can prosper, and their owners can join the league of Dubai entrepreneurs who are living and spending large.

Written by Strategic Technology Solutions