Email hosting Dubai

email hosting DubaiWith the invention of the Electronic mail that is abbreviated as the email hosting Dubai, a new mode of effective communication became possible, which could literally connect minds across the world within a flash of a second. To operate the email, email hosting is necessary. The services that operate email servers are together called email hosting. Like a web site needs to be hosted to become live, the emails also need to be hosted. The companies that provide email hosting or makes email live on the internet are called email hosts. People share lot’s of private information through email. What about their confidentiality? The company hosting your email’s become responsible for the integrity of your emails.

Many of the corporates consider it to be a very sensible option. Because, building an internal facility for communications within the company is both very much expensive and time consuming. In case of breakage, maintenance also becomes impossible. Many of the successful companies today enhance their reputation and create an identity with their own unique domain address. All the established companies today have their own email domain name.

The companies that provide email hosting has large servers on which all the emails, data and the related services are stored. They provide full security of the emails and the data and they also guarantee an efficient and fluent working of their servers. They also ensure that their services are always live and working as email exchanges, scheduling of calendars and data storage can take place all the time, without a minute’s pause. All the email archives are continuously being stored into the host’s server. Email hosting UAE is currently in the spotlight with many professional hosts coming into the market.

With email hosting the clients could relish:

email hosting UAE


  • IMAP and pop access security
  • Huge amount of storage space
  • Efficient sharing of Address book
  • Effective filtering of spam and viruses
  • Safe and secure mail access


If the budget gets in the way of hosted exchange, Webmail is the only option. You can send and receive mails with it, however, if you are looking for more hosted exchange is the ultimate choice.

We have skilled technicians to help you with every aspect of email hosting in Dubai. Just forget the hassle of implementing an extravagant internal communication system. Simply use email hosting.

Written by Strategic Technology Solutions