Cloud hosting Dubai

Etisalat Web HostingDo you posses a fairly impressive website? If yes, it is time to flaunt it. Web hosting services comprise of the tools that are used to get your website up there, on the internet. The very moment you put your website on the Internet it becomes available to about 5 billion plus people across the planet otherwise your website is vague (inclusive Dubai). On an obvious note, websites are created to be hosted on the world wide web. Usually, your website is made available to the mass 1440 minutes a day. Still, it may differ based on the hosting firm you choose. Although, the hosting services you choose may not affect the uptime remarkably, even a slight increase in the uptime can be an added advantage.

Etisalat hosting

So, in general all the services one would require to host his/her site on the Web is collectively called web hosting services. Cloud hosting is a type of hosting that’s on trend these days. Apart, from the basic web hosting services, professional hosting firms may provide additional email and domain services. However, the rates are more dependent on the space you purchase. The server required for hosting are generally rented from popular service providers in the country or sometimes they are privately owned. Renting servers from well-known service providers like Etilsalat can be very much beneficial, because their server maintenance is great that will directly affect the uptime as it is the matter of availability of the server. Etisalat being an old and gold provider of internet services it has gained much expertise in this field. As, a result the Etisalat web hosting or Etisalat hosting is most requested by the clients.

Cloud hosting in DubaiCloud Hosting Dubai

Cloud computing and cloud hosting Dubai are closely adhered terms. It is one of the few popular hosting solutions that came into being lately. Clouds are technically referred to massive virtual storages, which can be used to store both the data and the services. These newborns are already storming the technical world. Chiefly, when it comes to hosting of websites that will need an increased amount of resources. We offer our client’s a clustered cloud hosting solution. Meaning, if any of the server is down the load will be automatically redirected to another available node. With this approach the customers get flexibility of resources. We provide a safe cloud hosting, computing and storage. With cloud computing clients get to relish:

  • Flexibility of resources
  • Better uptime
  • Comfortable billing
  • Efficient handling of traffic outbreaks
  • Greater processing strength
  • Easy sharing of the data
  • Increased processing for smart phones
  • Usage indicator options
  • Reduced software installations


In case of clouds, the data are pretty portable. As a result the website would never suffer in case of shutdowns and other inapt situations. Maintenance in case of adversities is limited. PHP cloud hosting is advised fro developer's convenience of developing unique applications. It allows one to enhance the Website. Although, an uptime of 100% is ideal, with cloud hosting, we can hope for it in the mere future.

Written by Strategic Technology Solutions