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IT company in Dubai - Software means what?

IT means the programs and other operating information used by a computer says –Google. Wikipedia says it is any set of machine-readable instructions that directs a computer’s processor to perform specific operations. Whereas the first year engineering text books would say that software is a general term for the various kinds of programs used to operate computers and related devices. Well, we can completely agree with all of them, software is all that and more. First, a problem is solved and then a code is built as a solution to the problem- that is software defined in depth. So, for now IT company in Dubai is an effective shortcut to deal with most of my problems and it is been easing human lives ever since times known.

IT company in Dubai


Imagining a world without software would be difficult, still let us give it a try!

No software would mean no computers, no laptops, no smart phones, and no tablets. Bit too much, right? Wait, I am not done yet because it would also mean no MacBook’s, no Samsung galaxies, no iPhones in short no smart gadgets at all. World can’t get any worse. Wouldn’t that also mean no internet, no websites, and no social media and dam it! No free music downloads. People would have to search Dubai Software companies books for information, do their calculations manually, have their photos mailed through the post boxes, dig into the yellow pages for contact details - simply too much of unnecessary work.

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Software has taught us the lavish ways and we are totally dependent on it. There are not many people in today’s world who do not enjoy software, as it is totally reasonable if anybody chooses to save some time and energy using a software than the outdated ways. It’s not a luxury anymore, it has transformed into a necessity. Nowadays, you can find easy to use software’s for almost anything and everything at meager rates. Still, some people take the trouble of finding pirated ones. So next time when you are thinking about cracking a software or getting yourself a pirated version think twice or maybe thrice, not just because you can get barred, if caught. Think about the otherwise chances, the cracked version, available for free download can be infected with many dangerous malware, Trojans or viruses. Chances are that your device stops working, passwords and accounts can get hacked, pictures and videos may get leaked. Heard about bank robbery via Internet? Yes, even you could be framed. Think for yourself why would somebody provide you free stuffs? Do not do it because you are at higher risk to the hazards mentioned above. Go legal and let it grow if you want to continue enjoying it.

IT company in Dubai – The trend.

Software can be clearly utilized to grow business. At present times, many softwares are employed in business development like CRMs (client relationship management system), ERPs (enterprise resource planning systems) and many related softwares. These software provide an organized and scheduled way of doing business. From business automation to scheduling internal tasks within an enterprise, software makes everything simple and efficient. Complicated functionalities like transaction authorization, check handling, data exchange and consolidation etc can be very accurately and efficiently handled by the softwares. No more bookkeepings and manual errors are eliminated. Furthermore, softwares can be developed as multi-linguals, making it convenient for anybody to use.

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As the demand for softwares increased, especially for enterprise and commercial purposes, the number of software companies also increased because of its growing scope. Dubai Software market value is past, $20 billion in the last few years, fifty percent of which is contributed by America. Speaking of Dubai, despite of the increase in demand, there are only a handful of companies providing software and IT solutions at an enterprise level. In 2014 the number of software and IT companies at here was estimated to be two hundred and five. Out of which only about a hundred are well- reputed. Some of which provide all kinds of business solutions like software and hardware solutions, web works and digital marketing solutions. In Dubai the competition is so high that every next business wants best business solutions, better than the ones their competitors employ. So, next time while employing a firm to do your business chores in Dubai make sure it is one amongst the best Dubai Software companies. The local market for IT services is growing at a constant of 9.4% every year, ever since 2010, that is after the economic crisis.



Despite of the low numbers of It firm in Dubai, if your business is Dubai based it is better to get your It requirements done by a Dubai based IT and software company as they will be more aware of the market at here.

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Investing in business solutions provided by IT and software firms is anyhow beneficial. Most the amount invested can be recovered, usually in a couple of months only, as it will directly impact your business growth. Solutions like business automation, responsive web design, search engine optimization can only have advantages and they are much sought out. But now that every business avails all of these business solutions, while looking for an IT company in Dubai for business solutions you should not look for who provides them, you should look for who can do it better. Apart from reputation, experience and rates, the guarantees offered by the software and it company are very important. If you wish to discontinue will they pay back for the remaining term? Do they guaranty on the privacy and security of their services? Do they promise on not providing similar services to your competitors? These are the few questions that deserve attention.

There is only an easy solution to every complex problem- The software. The software companies are so adamant today that they do not give up, they either meet or exceed the client requirements. Digital solutions for business is very much important in this digital era. If your business does not have a website, it is not available to the world, if it has a website which is not search engine friendly, again, it is difficult to search, if your business doesn’t have social media accounts, it is missing out some serious branding, if CRMs or ERPs are not implemented then your business ways are outdated and too much time and energy consuming and so on…

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Software and IT company in Dubai solutions are crucial for every business. If your business is well established you cannot do without IT and software solutions, if your business is in the budding phase it can do better with Software and IT solutions.

Written by Strategic Technology Solutions