Domain registration Dubai

Whether you want to set up an e-commerce website for your products or a personal blog, you can create a unique site with affordable domain registration in Dubai. From small businesses to large enterprises, web hosting services are offering a range of packages to meet your online needs. Simple to start and easy to manage, you can enjoy full control over your website and launch it in no time.

Before you create your website, you need to choose and secure a domain name. Your web hosting company should offer a tool that helps you check if a domain name is available. According to the type of site you want to own, you can select from .com, .ae, .org and many other suffixes. Suffixes can indicate your country's location or the kind of institution.

domain registration in dubai


If your choice of name is available, take advantage of the best domain registration Dubai has to offer to secure it. Domain registration should be done as soon as possible, especially if it is a .com domain name. Millions around the world register new names every day, which is why it is important to reserve it as soon as you can.

Most Popular Types of Domain Name Suffixes

.com – this is the most popular type of site

.org – this suffix is ideal for organizations

.ae – this is domain registration Dubai offers to citizens of the United Arab Emirates

.mobi – these sites are compatible with mobile phones

.gov – intended for governmental institutions

.store – ideal for online stores

Dubai domain registration

domain registration dubaiTransfer Domain Name

If you already have a domain registration in Dubai with another company and wish to transfer it to another, you can. This is a very simple process where you bring your existing domain name under the management of your new hosting company.

Parking a Domain Name

Registering your site name does not mean you have to use it right away. While you prepare to launch your website, you can keep the name parked for later use. In other words, domain registration Dubai allows you to purchase the name and keep it until you are ready to launch it online.

Hosting services with Dubai domain registration

In addition to domain registration, your web hosting company can offer free software to help you create and customize your site. Site building software is easy to use, even for the novice webmaster. A hosting account should give you access to a control panel through which you can upload, delete and change content on your website. You can create an unlimited number of email addresses, insert shopping carts for your customers, and start an email marketing campaign and many more.

The first step to creating your very own website is domain registration in Dubai. By registering your unique site name, you own it for life provided you renew it in time. Our service is also available to users in Abu Dhabi, Fujairah, Sharjah and many other areas within the United Arab Emirates. Register and begin establishing your online presence today.

Written by Strategic Technology Solutions

Last updated February 04, 2015.